Can A Christian Be A Universalist?

This essay is a rebuttal to an article written by Matt Slick. Mr. Slick is “the President and Founder” of Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM). Mr. Slick and I met long ago at a conference near Dallas. It was a brief meeting. I was at the conference because I believed in what he was working to accomplish. My mentor introduced me to the discussion forums at Mr. Slick’s website ( I truly believed it was a calling to defend precepts of Christianity as I understood them.

Mr. Slick is passionate and strident regarding his set of basic Christian doctrines. He is unafraid to defend what he believes. His profile at the CARM website suggests a man busy evangelizing the truth as he understands it.1 He is a prolific writer and he supports other Christian writers at CARM. Subjects cover a wide range of Christian doctrines and precepts. Mr. Slick has established himself as expert in Christian Apologetics. I am convinced Mr. Slick is a believing, faithful man striving to glorify our Father.

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