Dr. Skinner advocates the doctrine of “impartial grace.” The modern term is universal reconciliation. He became alarmed by “the untiring efforts made in this city, during the past winter, against the doctrine of ‘impartial grace.’” The advocates of the doctrine of eternal conscious torment were attacking the doctrine universal reconciliation and its advocates. Dr. Skinner calls the assault “unchristian measures employed to cast reproach upon its advocates.”

Over 175 years have passed since Dr. Skinner’s book was published. The assault on the doctrine of universal reconciliation has not diminished. The advocates of the doctrine of eternal conscious torment hold enmity toward those who disagree with their doctrine.

Dr. Skinner passionately held the doctrine of universal reconciliation. He felt compelled to defend it against the onslaught of reproach being poured out on “his brethren.” He intends to defend the doctrine, consequently “the world may be saved from those false” doctrines of which eternal conscious torment is one. It is his desire to teach the doctrine of universal reconciliation, “bringing many to rejoice in the goodness of God.”

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