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“Essays and Such” is the parking lot for book ideas, outlines, articles, sermons and commentaries I did not want to add to the “Thoughts On…” blog. I post links to favorite sites.

Can a Christian Be a Universalist?: A Rebuttal

Matt Slick is a well known Calvinist and apologist. Mr. Slick asks and answers the question, “Can a Christian Be a Universalist?” He answers affirmatively, but with grave reservations. (more…) (PDF)

Eternal Conscious Torment Cannot Be Reconciled with Divine Goodness

Dr. Skinner advocates the doctrine of “impartial grace.” The modern term is universal reconciliation. He became alarmed by “the untiring efforts made in this city, during the past winter, against the doctrine of ‘impartial grace.’” The advocates of the doctrine of eternal conscious torment were attacking the doctrine universal reconciliation and its advocates. Dr. Skinner calls the assault “unchristian measures employed to cast reproach upon its advocates.” (more…) (PDF)

Eternal Conscious Torment Cannot Be Reconciled with God’s Purpose

This essay is modeled on the second of a series of sermons written by Dr. Otis A. Skinner in 1849. In this sermon the intent is to prove God’s Sovereignty and the absolute goodness in His purpose. This sermon demonstrates the veracity of “impartial grace.” Eternal Conscious Torment is inconsistent with God’s purpose. (more…) (PDF)