Impartial Grace

Universal Reconciliation is impartial grace.  God does not favor one person with mercy and another does not receive it.  His mercy is good.  He is good.  He is love and He is merciful to all.

“God’s Gift to Humanity: Hell or Reconciliation?” discusses eternal conscious torment and universal reconciliation.  The advocates of eternal conscious torment describe the hell of their doctrine.  It is fire that never consumes.  It is fire that cuts and simultaneously heals.  It is ice that burns.  It is deep and absent all light.  The residents of it are free to torment other lesser condemned souls.  It is the absence of God’s presence, yet it is maintained by Him.  The advocates describe a place always in view by those taken to eternal life in heaven.  The saved rejoice at the suffering of those in eternal conscious torment as they believe He is glorified in His wrath. Eternal conscious torment is divine justice meted upon the majority of humanity.

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Universal reconciliation disputes the doctrine of eternal conscious torment. The place called “hell” does not exist aside from a grave or pit. No person is tormented by God under any circumstances. All men will eventually fall to their knees and confess Christ Jesus is Lord. All men will be reconciled to God. God’s Holy Word says it is so.

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Universal Reconciliation in the Old Testament
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