God’s Plan: Mercy and Justice for All


I am convinced God has led me on a personal revival. He laid out before me serious questions about His Word and the traditions of men. He made a path for me to understand His Word. He led my way as I searched hundreds of documents. I pray this book pleases Him. I pray it brings honor to His Name. I pray it not be offensive. I give full credit, honor and glory to Him.

I wrote this book for my brothers Don and Bud. I wrote it for my spiritual brother Chad. These are good men, but they disagree with me. I love these guys and would do anything they asked of me. I am unable to convince them that God does not punish anyone eternally. My brothers, all, have been convinced by their teachers. They are comfortable in their tradition. It is my hope they are made uncomfortable in their tradition and doctrine.

I wrote this book for my brother Richard and my Aunt Jackie. They encouraged me to push through. They understand the change taking place in my heart and they like what they see.

I wrote this book for my darling bride, Dian and for our children. Dian loves me like no other can. She stands behind me and advocates for me. She will not hold back her criticisms and those are important.

I wrote this book hopeful that it appeals to all, but if it appeals only to one, then it is a success. God is love.