The Call

God bless all the mothers of America’s warriors.  God bless freedom, liberty and the sacrifice made by countless heroes and heroines.  God bless those who believe in America.  God bless those who don’t.  Memorial Day is coming upon us.  Let us never forget.

The Call

His mother swollen with his life
Determined to carry him all the way.
Lovingly taking on labor’s strife
Rejoicing on his birth’s day.

At three she could see
He was quiet and strong.
He would climb the tallest tree
Pretending to soldier all day long.

At thirteen he heard the call.
Christ Jesus his Savior came into his heart.
His life changed for better for all.
His adult life that day did start.

He was only seventeen when the news came.
Towers in New York fell.
He was burdened and he changed.
Time to serve and his mom to tell.

She knew his heart could not resist.
Her son quiet and strong would enlist.
He packed his bags for distant places.
Becoming only one of a thousand different faces.

He excelled and earned much rank.
He became a leader, quiet and strong.
From hard task he never shrank.
His troop followed closely along.

There was a hill from which the shots are fired.
He pushed and maneuvered his troop to fight back.
Lead and bits of stone cutting into the line.
No quarter given. Cut the enemy no slack.

A friend is trapped and in harm’s way.
He stood to draw the enemy’s fire.
Quiet and strong he was that day.
At peace he was. Seeing the Lord’s face his desire.

His friend’s life was spared
Because a young soldier dared
To stand up straight
Knowing he would see Heaven’s gate.

His troop carried his body away from that place.
They all remarked about the small smile on his face.
At peace he was in the company of the Lord.
At peace he was at the feet of the Word.

His mother swollen with pride,
Determined to carry him all the way,
Standing at her son’s side.
Knowing he was with their Lord today.

Quiet and strong his body lays.
Among heroes who had gone before.
Praise God my friends for men like these.
For there are more enemies knocking at freedom’s door.

© 2014 Jim Barnes, Orchard Ministry / Distribute freely.