I am so grateful you have stopped by the Orchard Ministry blog.

The Lord saved me so many years ago, but only recently have I responded to His call.  In 1999 the Lord put strong Christian men in my path.  These are men who know much about God’s Word and whose passion for the Truth caused me to seek what they knew.  By the Holy Spirit’s good work in me I have been led to hunger for Him.

I soon realized I know so little.  His mysteries will never be fully uncovered by any man, let alone as simple a man as I am.  Please forgive me the self-deprecation.  Actually, I ask our Lord’s forgiveness for my vanity and my pride.  I pretended to know much and acted as a Pharisee in worldly wisdom.

I am grateful God gave me a hunger to want to know more.  I am grateful He leads me to want to understand His grace.  Just to understand His grace upon grace is a lifelong pursuit.  I am grateful for heavenly wisdom.  I am grateful His mercies are fresh every day!

The Lord leads me to preach His Word to those whom He determines I should preach it.  He has taken me to many small towns in the Gulf Coast of Texas; Sargent, Damon, Edna, Louise, El Campo, Glidden, Ganado, Brookshire, Lane City and my hometown of Orchard.  In each place the Holy Spirit blessed my wife and me with new friends.  He allowed us to worship with believers in peace and love.  In every place He led us to a better understanding of His Word, His purpose and most importantly His Sovereignty.

Over the course of the past two or three years the Lord has led me to recognize a truth in His Gospel.  That truth is this; Hell Is A Myth.  Eternal torment for failing to believe in Christ Jesus is not a consequence.  A thorough study of His Word can lead only to that conclusion.

I am saddened by the fact I preached eternal conscious torment in some of the churches listed above.  I preached eternal torment in Sunday School lessons and in Bible studies.  I praise God that He has led me to a better way; to a blessed hope.

There will be many, many posts regarding the doctrine of eternal torment in these blog posts.  Please take the time to read them and to understand them.  I pray to be open and honest in every word posted.  I pray to be respectful of those who will disagree with me and that is a surety.

“God is Love.”  “His mercies are fresh every day.”  “Every creatures tongue on the earth, in the earth, under the earth and in the sea will confess Jesus is Lord.”

We are blessed in so many ways.  It is our prayer that this ministry is uplifting.  It is our prayer that through this ministry God will move you to see Him more clearly.

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Striving to be one abiding in Christ…

In this article, “At A Crossroad,” I discuss how the Lord, our God, changed my heart and my theological thinking.