Thank you for visiting our website.  We are not publicized so having you here probably means someone referred you.  We thank them as we thank you.

Our name comes from the little town in which we live: Orchard, Texas.  Our ministry, loosely called, is really a place for an itinerant preacher to deposit his thoughts.  We have maintained a website in one form or another for several years.  None of those had much success drawing visitors.  We are hopeful this version will attract more.  Please tell your friends.

Jim recently completed the manuscript for a book.  The manuscript has been finalized and the production process is soon to be complete.  Learn more about the book.

The “traditions of men” are problematic.  The “traditions” are the primary cause of denominational-ism.  Non-denominational congregations are as surely affected by the “traditions.”  Read more about denominational-ism.

Jim used to keep up with a “blog.”  He has the good intention of returning to it.  The last entry was a tribute to his Dad who died in October 2016.  The beginnings of a devotional entitled “Thoughts on Psalms...” are posted in the blog.  Please comment on the blog posts.  We pray for unity.

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God bless us all.