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Impartial Grace: OT Scriptures. Old Testament scriptures reveal a plan of reconciliation.

Impartial Grace: NT Scriptures. New Testament scriptures prove the prophesies fulfilled in Christ Jesus.

Heresy? Is it contrary to scripture and to believe God has the power, desire and intent to reconcile all persons to Himself? This the final chapter from “God’s Gift to Humanity: Hell or Reconciliation?” It is far more likely the advocates of eternal conscious torment have more to answer for regarding the defense of their doctrine than advocates of Impartial Grace will.

Hell or Reconciliation? The doctrines of eternal conscious torment and Impartial Grace cannot be reconciled. Only one can be true. Be as a Berean.

All in all.” 1 Corinthians 15 is worthy of examination. Great scholars have given us their interpretations of “all in all.” It is remarkable, but there is controversy over plain language. John Calvin, Chuck Smith and others do not agree that “All” means “all.”

Bringing Salvation to All Men.” Paul exhorts Titus to preach the Gospel and in particular to preach God brings all men to Him. Many learned scholars disagree. The simple meaning of scripture is the best interpretation.

God Is the Savior of All Men.” Paul exhorts Timothy to keep his faith and to preach the truth.

The Heir of All Things.” He is King over the most pious and He is King over the worst rebel. He owns us all. To Him God gives all and to the Father does Christ give glory.