Our Prayer

Lord, God Almighty, King and Sovereign of our hearts. King and Sovereign over all men. Lord, Creator of all things. To You and to You alone we give all honor, glory and praise.

You sit on Your throne with Your Son at Your right hand. Your Spirit reigns in the hearts of Your creation. Forgive us Father for finding ways to dampen Your Spirit, rather than basking in the Light You give.

You supply every need and we have much to be grateful for. You sustain all life. You supply every need. You are joy, peace and love. Yet we often fail to see Your benevolence and seek even more. Many have little and You have assured us that they will be given much. You have declared the least will be greatest, the last will be first. Oh, Father we pray for those with little. Teach us to share our much.

We pray for those who do not have shelter. We pray for those who do not have food. We pray that You will straighten our paths and lead us to be a part of making those who are the least to be the greatest. Show us where the need is and do not let us look away from it, but charge to that place. Lead us to want to help move the last into the first. Show us what service is and then do not let us forsake what You have shown us.

You alone are real. You are love. In Your Grand Plan You will reconcile Your creation to Yourself. You have shown us that is not reason to sit on our laurels and await the fulfillment of Your Plan. Our race is not yet finished. Show each of us our role in Your Work. Show us where the need is that You want each of us to serve. We ask, Father, for Your strength to carry out the task You have given each.

You alone are real. You are merciful and patient. Give us the strength and the zeal to be as forgiving as You are forgiving. Let us see in Christ Jesus the example of forgiveness and then bless us with Your strength to be as forgiving has He is; as You are. Show us ways to set aside anger and bitter envy. Give us the determination to love as completely as You love us. Draw us near to You so that others will be drawn to You, too.

You alone are real. You are Truth. Many people from many lands have tried to explain You. Traditions have replaced Your Truth. We kneel and humble ourselves before You seeking only Your wisdom. When we know a spiritual thing let us shout it out for all to hear. When our traditions push us to demand adherence remind us that only You are Truth. Do not let us spread fear when love covers all.

We have much to pray for Father. People in every corner of the world are sick and hurting. They need a Deliverer. They need Your grace upon grace. They need, we all need, Your mercy.

We know, Father, a time will come when You will restore all things. You will be recognized as All In All.

Bless the messengers Lord.
Bless the hearers more.
Bless the doers of Your Word.
Bless the lost more.

Let the sheep hear
Their Master’s voice.
Lead Your people
To rejoice.

We pray in His Name seeking His intercession. We are confident You hear our prayer. Maranatha. Amen.

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