Book Published

Welcome to the revamped “Impartial Grace” website (formerly Orchard Ministry). The book I’ve been working on is finished and published. “God’s Gift to Humanity: Hell or Reconciliation?” is now available. Please read the sample chapters provided here.

Writing and publishing the book was a difficult journey, but always filled with Spirit led purpose. Errors in the finished product have been found and I beg your understanding. The book is self-published, self-proofed and self-edited. To be fair my “self” is prone to error. Critics, who each have their own “self” to police, might focus on cumulative errors as evidence of poor scholarship. It’s a good thing to be self-aware and confess my lack of traditional theological training.

I do not have a marketing plan, but I am confident God does. This website and my small social networking footprint are the only tools God has provided. His grace is sufficient for me. He caused me to write the book, to proof, to edit, and to publish it. I have good reason to think He will put the book into the hands of those He wants to read it.

I explain my personal conversion to the doctrine of universal reconciliation in Chapter 1; “A Theological Fork in the Road.” Chapters 15 and 16 are scriptural commentaries regarding “Universal Reconciliation” found in the Old and New Testaments, respectively. Chapter 17; “Heresy?,” is my effort to answer the question, “Is unversal reconciliation false doctrine and heretical?” Many, if not most, advocates of eternal conscious torment declare it is. Chapters 1 and 17 are posted in their entirety. Chapters 15 and 16 are excerpted.

It is unfortunate the doctrine of universal reconciliation is the subject of derision. I once scorned it and called it heresy. My only excuse is that I chose to believe what my teachers taught. I am to blame for following blindly and for that I repent.

May God’s Word be evident to all who read this book. Comments are welcome. I ask only that we set aside our respective “self” and allow Him and Him only to judge. Let us recall His admonition “Let not many of you be teachers, my brothers, knowing that we will receive heavier judgment” (James 3:1). Let us remember the admonition to teach the truth in loving kindness and gentleness. Let us remember it is the Holy Spirit that leads all to understanding (1 Timothy 2:24-26, loose paraphrase). Let us not forget Christ’s instruction “Don’t judge.” Whatever judgment we declare will also be declared against us. “The measure we use to judge others is the measure used to judge us” (Matthew 7:2, paraphrased). Let us embrace one another as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus for “no one can say ‘Jesus is Lord’ unless he is moved to do so by the Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12:3).

Maranatha. Amen.