Impartial Grace Starts in Genesis

I came to believe Impartial Grace is a doctrine superior to all others as the final outcome for all persons created by God. I am convinced it is His intent, His plan and ultimately His will that all of His creation is reconciled to Him through Christ Jesus. No person is denied the glory of His relentless love.

Impartial Grace demonstrates the pure quality of God’s love. The doctrine, commonly known as universal reconciliation, is based in scripture and true. Other doctrines of this nature are not honest and are the products of traditions.

The fruit of my study leads me to conclude that much of what I have been taught about the redeeming value of Christ’s death on the cross is untrue. He died for the sins of all men. That is indisputable and unassailable. God’s Word, the Bible, is replete with evidence testifying to His “grace, upon grace” and “unceasing mercy.”

I shared my study of scripture regarding Impartial Grace in a book I wrote in 2018. These pages are taken from that book. David Sprenger provides a list of scriptures that support a theological understanding known as universal reconciliation 1. It is important to note that Mr. Sprenger’s list is not complete, but it served well to guide my study.

“In the beginning…” God created the heavens and the earth. He created all the living creatures on the earth, under it and in the seas of it. Every form of life imaginable is created by God Who is Sovereign over all He creates. If the doctrine of Impartial Grace is true, then proof for it is in God’s Holy Word. Impartial Grace cannot coexist with other doctrines of its type, eternal conscious torment, being most prevalent. Impartial Grace embraces simple facts that God is sovereign over all, that He is love and that He is immutable.

The first three chapters of Genesis reflect an all-powerful God creating from nothing the universe we know today and much more beyond our grasp or understanding. He is love and all that He creates is done in His immutable love. He creates from the soil the first man. In love, He creates from the man’s rib a help-mate. He, also, knowingly creates the conditions that will lead the man and the woman to “The Fall.” He created the Tree in the middle of the Garden. He created the Serpent that deceived the couple. He created the fruit that tempted them all. All of this by way of His hand and in His love.

These are indisputable facts. So, too, it indisputable the first couple disobeyed and there are consequences for their disobedience. What was the atonement for the “original sin?” Can we state with confidence that the blood of the animal God killed to make covering for Adam and for Eve was an atoning sacrifice? Is that the redemptive price required of Adam? Adam and Eve sinned against God. God knew they would. He knew their punishment before they reached out to take the fruit from the tree and eat it. Their punishment is a physical death certainly. There are many who claim it is a spiritual death as well.

Traditionalist camps find common ground in their belief in eternal conscious torment. The doctrine of eternal conscious torment requires that God created Adam and Eve knowing they would sin. He knew their sin would be passed on to all generations after them. The traditional doctrine requires all men be born deserving a judgment of death. Death is hell. All men are bound for hell until they see the Light, confess sin, repent and believe Jesus is the Christ.

Universal reconciliation does teach that all men are bound for physical death. Advocates for universal reconciliation agree God created Adam and Eve knowing they would sin and knowing their sin would affect every generation. We agree the just punishment is physical death and that physical death is passed on to every person created by God. We agree that a confession of faith in Christ Jesus is paramount in salvation. The proponents of universal reconciliation believe there is a “lake of fire” that is reserved for Satan and his minion horde. We believe hell is the product of traditions, Advocates of universal reconciliation believe God will reconcile all men to Himself because it is His will that none should perish.

1 David Sprenger. “The Ultimate Redemptive Purposes of God: Scriptures Concerning the Reconciliation of All Things.” Tentmaker website. Publication date unknown. Date accessed: 06/02/2018.