Impartial Grace: II Chronicles

When he had taken counsel with the people, he appointed those who should sing to Yahweh, and give praise in holy array, as they went out before the army, and say, Give thanks to Yahweh; for his loving kindness endures forever.

(2 Chronicles 20:21, emphasis added)

An immense army assembled against Judah near Jerusalem. They are readied for battle. War was declared against Judah. Jehoshaphat went into the Temple of God and prayed. He spoke to God and reminded Him of His promise to Israel. God answered Jehoshaphat’s prayer through Jahaziel. God will fight this battle and the people have nothing to fear. The people, having faith in the Word of God, started worshiping and paraded to the battle site. The enemy was confounded and confused. They began fighting each other. That battle is won. God’s mercy was upon them and they gathered the spoils from the enemy.

Historically there were 20 Kings of Judah. Of those only eight were good and honorable leaders who brought revival on their people during their respective reigns. Some kings had lives centered in God in the Temple. Most other Kings, though, had their hearts in their kingdoms. Jim George has written a book entitled “The Bare Bones Bible Handbook.” 1 He provides summaries of the 66 books of the Bible. About 2 Chronicles chapters 10-36 Mr. George writes, “When the reigning king serves God, the kingdom is blessed, but if or when he forsakes the temple and the worship of God, the nation is torn by warfare and unrest.” The lesson to learn, according to Mr. George and others, is that like the reigning kings when we are in God’s service we are blessed and when we are not then our blessings are diminished. On this day Judah was blessed. However, they spent many days under diminished blessing.

What of the enemy? Many died that day, certainly. Some may have returned to their homes. It is clear the enemy was overwhelmed by the power of God. His Word says “His loving kindness endures forever.” The advocates of universal reconciliation preach “His loving kindness” reaches even those who hate Him. This is Impartial Grace and like “His loving kindness” it “endures forever.”

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