Impartial Grace: Psalm 66

Make a joyful shout to God, all the earth! Sing to the glory of his name! Offer glory and praise! Tell God, “How awesome are your deeds! Through the greatness of your power, your enemies submit themselves to you. All the earth will worship you, and will sing to you; they will sing to your name.” Selah. Come, and see God’s deeds—awesome work on behalf of the children of men.

(Psalm 66:1-5, emphasis added)

A SHOUT! The Word of God commands us to “shout for joy.” Not just believers, but “all the earth.” His Name is worthy of great worship. We are to sing praises to Him and to glorify Him. Not just believers, but “all the earth.” Even those who hate Him will be drawn to Him; to His mercy; to His love and into reconciliation with Him. His awesome power demands He be glorified. His grace demands our love in Him. He is our “all in all.” The heart sings theses verses in praise. All mankind, every nation, every person from all the ends of the earth…all mankind will know He is Lord. His is “awesome work on behalf of the children of men.” His awesome work is grace upon grace. The advocate for universal reconciliation reaches to heaven and teaches, “Come and see what God has done!” This is Impartial Grace.