Impartial Grace: Isaiah 25

In this mountain, Yahweh of Armies will make all peoples a feast of fat things, a feast of choice wines, of fat things full of marrow, of well refined choice wines. He will destroy in this mountain the surface of the covering that covers all peoples, and the veil that is spread over all nations. He has swallowed up death forever! The Lord Yahweh will wipe away tears from off all faces. He will take the reproach of his people away from off all the earth, for Yahweh has spoken it.

(Isaiah 25:6-8, emphasis added)

Isaiah extols the virtues of God the Father. He breaks into a song of praise and worship. The Lord gives Isaiah these words. These words apply to all peoples of all nations. The words apply to all faces on the earth. God will take away the blame that is on all people and remove that reproach from all the earth. He’ll remember sins no more.

God the Father loves so completely, so thoroughly, He prepares a banquet beyond any other. There is a covering over the people. It is a covering that keeps them from the meal. God removes that covering, sin. With the removal of sin God ends death. Our loving Father wipes away the tears of sorrow and even tears of shame from all the faces.

These verses mean what they are intended to say. God wants us to know that He is Sovereign over all things, even the veil of sin that covers us. The covering has been lifted because of Christ Jesus and His obedience to death on a cross. The banquet is prepared and we are free to dine with Him. All people from every nation will eventually dine with Him. He will give them a place at His table. He will reconcile them to Himself. He will reconcile all of us to Himself. It is important to know that we love Him because He loves us first. This is Impartial Grace.