Impartial Grace: Micah 7

Who is a God like you, who pardons iniquity, and passes over the disobedience of the remnant of his heritage? He doesn’t retain his anger forever, because he delights in loving kindness. He will again have compassion on us. He will tread our iniquities under foot; and you will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea. You will give truth to Jacob, and mercy to Abraham, as you have sworn to our fathers from the days of old.

(Micah 7:18-20, emphasis added)

This is Israel’s confession. They are responsible. They fell away from their first love and the consequences were dire. But, now the heart of His people is turning back to Him. The world around Israel is harsh and demanding. It is a world of pain and imprisonment. Theirs is a life of chaos and tribulation. Even so, Israel sees the glory of their Savior and turns to Him. Israel repents.

It is the Lord Who makes the remnant. Earlier in Micah 4 God makes it clear that He makes the remnant of all those He afflicted. He heals them and He lifts them up. God’s anger is not eternal. That is what is being told to us here. “He doesn’t retain His anger forever….”

Give glory to God for the clear teaching and intent of His Holy Word. He is not angry into eternity. He says, “He delights in loving kindness.” His love overwhelms any anger He may hold. He is not angry forever because He’d rather love us into Himself. Not only does His anger fade away He will not hold repetitive sins against us. His love is steadfast and by His Word we know He prefers to glory in His love. The sins we commit are abolished from His memory. He blots them out. He forgets them. He buries them under His feet so far as into the deepest sea.

God’s love is affirmed in these verses. There is not a sin that God will not remove, put under His feet and bury in the deepest sea. It’s His promise fulfilled. It’s the promise He gave to Abraham. This is Impartial Grace.