ToP (Thoughts On Psalms): Introduction

Over a decade ago the Holy Spirit moved me to study and write about my “Thoughts On Psalms.” Every morning for about a year I’d spend time in prayer and writing. My intent was to write a daily devotional in the same vein as other devotionals I’ve utilized through the years.

I put to paper about half of the Psalms writing what the scriptures meant to me. It was at the half-way point the Holy Spirit caused an upheaval in my doctrinal underpinnings. He exposed me to the concept of universal reconciliation that I later started referring to as Impartial Grace.

“Thoughts on Psalms” was put on hold as my study time was redirected and focused on Impartial Grace. The study of “relentless love,” as Peter Hiett calls it, led me away from the doctrine of eternal conscious torment and showed “The Way” to a far superior doctrine that is Impartial Grace.

The Lord has set me loose to restart writing my “Thoughts On Psalms.” I pray you, dear reader, are blessed by what is written. Christ Jesus is Lord and no person can say that without the influence of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:3). He is Creator and Sovereign. With that understanding, “Onward Christian Soldiers.”